Awaken your inner child with our fun-infused
Barre classes

Imagine the strengthening power of Pilates, with a splash of classic Ballet poses, a sprinkling of Yoga, and an injection of dance all in one class

This is what Barre is all about. Our Barre classes offer a high energy flow to upbeat music to get your blood pumping.

Turn the music up, turn the world off

Our Barre classes are the perfect environment to:

Let go of your stress

Get your body moving in new ways

Release those all-important exercise endorphins

Aside from the fun aspect, Barre is incredibly effective at building strength and flexibility while improving your balance and mobility. Our instructors have experience in a wide range of dance and Pilates classes, bringing this combined knowledge to you at our St Ives studio.

Get Started with 2 weeks of group sessions

New to Village Pilates? To get started, click the "BOOK" button next to the class you'd like to attend. To filter your search by instructor or class type, click on the filter icon. At checkout, select the "6 Group Sessions | 2 Wk Intro" pricing option.
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Why us? See what others think

Excellent staff and management. My instructor is fantastic and the class is always varied and never boring. Attention to detail and individual needs improved my fitness, flexibility and strength.


Every time I complete a session at Village Pilates I walk away with a spring in my step and feeling fantastic!


Love the instructors and love the barre classes. Been coming for over 6 years now.


Group Session Pricing Options

New clients

6 Group Sessions | 2 Wk Intro

Try out 2 weeks of group sessions. This includes reformer, mat, barre and dance classes.

Weekly Group Session Memberships

3 x Weekly Group Sessions

$93 per week

See results and achieve your goals

  • Weekly membership | Automatic rollover
  • 3 x group sessions per week
  • Sessions include reformer, mat, barre and dance

2 x Weekly Group Sessions

$62 per week

Maintain your tone, strength and mobility

  • Weekly membership | Automatic rollover
  • 2 x group sessions per week
  • Sessions

1 x Weekly Group Session

$31 per week

Use in conjunction with semi-private sessions

  • Weekly membership | Automatic rollover
  • 1 x group session per week
  • Can be used on reformer, mat, barre or dance sessions

Student Weekly Membership

$63 per week

Full-time students aged 16 and 25

  • Weekly membership | Automatic rollover
  • 3 x group sessions per week
  • Sessions include reformer, mat, barre and dance
  • Available to purchase in studio only. Contact us for more information

Village Pilates at Home

$14.99 (Online on demand classes)

Stay motivated at home with classes on demand

  • Monthly membership | Automatic rollover
  • Unlimited access to all online, on demand classes
  • First month FREE





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