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October 10, 2022

Build a Better Booty with Pilates

Build Your Butt with Pilates

Like any muscle group, you need resistance exercises to grow and strengthen your glutes. Mat and reformer Pilates offers a range of targeted movements that can tone and shape your bum by working all four (posterior group) glute muscles.

Where did my butt go?

A ‘pancake butt’ may seem like a natural part of ageing we must accept. Losing muscle mass in your butt with age is real, but you can maintain or regain your butt. 

Glutes form part of the Pilates powerhouse, essential for body stabilisation and generating significant movements. So aesthetics aside, there are practical reasons to work your derriere!

Like anything, consistency is vital if you want results. 

“In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in twenty sessions you will see a difference, in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.” – Joseph Pilates.

Which Pilates method works best?

Reformer allows you to build muscles by gradually increasing the resistance on glute targeting sequences. If you already do squats and lunges, Reformer Pilates can help improve your form to get better results. 

Mat Pilates uses your own body weight to create resistance and will still be very challenging in activating glutes because of this. Switch on your butt muscles with 15 reps of the following on each side (2-3 sets) side lying leg lifts, prone heel beats and swimming legs.

Pro tip: Make movements slow to focus on form rather than lots of reps

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Other booty bulking factors

Diet, biological sex, hormones and excessive sedentary time are critical players in developing and maintaining muscle mass. A combination of genetics and epigenetics will determine the overall shape, so while regular Pilates will boost your booty, it can’t promise a peach derriere in six weeks.

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