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July 12, 2022

Can Regular Pilates Increase Mobility in Later Life?

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Regular Pilates is a fantastic way to increase mobility and maintain optimal health later in life. Here’s why.

As the saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it, which becomes more apparent as we get older. Our physical abilities inevitably change with age, so adapting our exercise program to suit where we are at is essential. 

Rarely or never exercising puts our bodies in a state where eventually, ordinary things like putting on shoes and getting in and out of the car can become uncomfortable and difficult. 

It doesn’t have to be this way, and you can still reap the many benefits of Pilates even if you’re an older first-timer.

Regular Pilates for Optimal Health

Regular Pilates can increase a person’s mobility by strengthening and stabilising muscles, meaning you’ll be less likely to experience difficulty doing everyday activities (and sustain injuries doing them). 

Coming to Pilates (ideally 3-5 times per week) also makes it easier to achieve and maintain:

  • healthy weight

  • balanced mood 

  • consistent quality sleep

Staying active throughout life through Pilates and other exercise is vital for reducing the risk of many diseases, including cancers, arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart conditions.

Life’s a Balancing Act.

Being able to balance physically is just as important as balancing stressors in our life. Our visual system helps regulate other body functions involved in maintaining our balance. Fading vision from age (and eye defects) can lead to accidental trips and falls.

Ensuring our bodies are physically robust will help us prevent this when we can no longer rely on our vision as much. This is where regular Pilates can benefit us later in life.

How can I get started?

Suppose you’re an older adult looking to establish an exercise routine. In that case, we know that Pilates improves more than just fitness by bringing a sense of balance, harmony, and empowerment to your everyday life. 

Always check with your GP before starting a new exercise plan when:

  • you are over 50

  • have been inactive for an extended time

  • you are taking any prescribed medications

  • have had surgery or a major illness

Book Your Pilates Class

More than Pilates: a Village of support

It’s never too late to exercise regularly, and Pilates is no exception. We know that it can be intimidating to try something new. We offer semi-private sessions and life coaching to help you build confidence and love the life you live.

Start your Pilates pathway today by booking an initial consult so we can assess where you are and what you’d like to achieve.

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