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July 12, 2022

How Much Do Pilates Classes Cost?

Pilates Mat Class

If you’re ready to start Pilates and experience the many health benefits, you may be wondering where to begin.

Where are Pilates classes near me? How much do they cost? Should I go to a studio or gym? Should I do Mat, Reformer or Studio Pilates, or all of them?

Instructor Quality and Experience

Cost is an influencing factor for most of us when choosing any facilitated exercise program or gym. Pilates classes, within a boutique Pilates studio are more expensive than your local gym or instructor-led fitness classes. Becoming a Pilates instructor requires dedication, time and money and that level of expertise, coupled with smaller class sizes, contribute to higher costs for class.

At Village Pilates, our instructors:

  • Are Certified trainers with expert care (rather than trained in-house)

  • Have experience supporting all ages, abilities and body types

  • Provide a hands-on approach with adjustments to poses to help you progress

  • (Some) have gymnastics, dance or Physiotherapy backgrounds

Studio environments like Village Pilates have higher quality instructors, who can offer more personalised, expert attention, and we provide the latest equipment in our spacious modern premises. 

We have pricing plans and payment options to suit your budget and how often you would like to come to class, including:

  • New client Kickstarter packs

  • Fortnightly, casual and autopay 

  • Student memberships 

Our mat and Barre classes start at $12 up to $31, depending on the pack you buy and the frequency of visits. Our reformer classes range from $20-$44, again depending on frequency and sold pack. And lastly, our Studio sessions and semi-private sessions range from $50-$60. 

Plus, FREE reformer trial for new clients!

You don’t need to go to great expense once you’ve booked your package. All you need is:

  • A quality, non-slip Pilates/Yoga mat if you prefer to use your own (we provide these in class)

  • Comfortable, breathable activewear and socks (Pilates grip socks aren’t essential, but you can purchase them from us)

  • Water bottle

  • Sweat towel

  • Yourself!

Book Your Pilates Class

Catering to you at Village Pilates

Village Pilates specialises in group and semi-private classes and offers a range of options to suit your budget and the class style that works for you – Mat, Barre and Reformer. Life coaching is also available for those needing extra support in applying the Pilates principles to their everyday life.

While the cost of classes may be more than a gym, our qualified and experienced staff and supportive studio vibe provide an incomparable level of training, attention and community. 

Pilates is remarkable for the health of your whole body and mind, and you’ll start to notice the difference after only a few sessions. Come and see for yourself!

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