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September 6, 2022

How Pilates Can Help Your Golf Game

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Golf is a deceptively active sport whether you’re a professional or leisurely putter. Many factors influence the power and accuracy of a shot. And a certain level of agility is required to play well and minimise soreness and injuries.

Although low impact, imbalances and injuries are common since golfers play primarily through upper body action and repetitiously with their dominant arm.

Mobility, flexibility and strength

Underutilised muscles risk injury as much as overworked ones. Pilates’ full-body, low-impact exercises combine resistance and repetition to develop muscle length and strength safely. It stabilises joints throughout the body while you’re moving and accesses parts that aren’t fully utilised on course. 

Despite the side’s dominance, a good golf swing requires the whole body. Strong glutes and hamstrings are necessary for greater spinal, shoulder and hip rotation to enable a controlled, robust and coordinated range of motion.

Regular Pilates also teaches body awareness, so we can learn to activate the right muscles properly at the right time.

Core strength

An underdeveloped core contributes to poor posture, back pain and muscle injuries. Stronger abdominals are critical to preventing golfer’s back strain.

Pilates core strengthening and stabilising will help improve the power and control of your swing, without compromising other parts of the body.

Balancing act

When you’re new to Pilates, particularly reformer, it’s normal to get wobbles in some movements as body parts are singled out and worked intensely. Over time it gets more accessible, and you’ll notice a more easeful, stable and decisive golf swing.

Beyond the body

Through mindful movement and breath attention, Pilates enhances the mind-body connection. Take conscious breathing on course to get grounded before a shot and invigorate your muscles with vital oxygen and blood flow.

Regular Pilates attendees often speak of greater resilience and confidence throughout other areas of their life thanks to what they’ve seen is possible in class.

Book Your Pilates Class

Play, live and move pain and injury free.

Come and chat with our qualified instructors to learn more about how Pilates helps golfers lengthen tight muscles, strengthen weak ones, activate deep core muscles and increase pelvis and spine stability. 

Balance out one-sided arm, wrist and hand use, spine and shoulder rotation, feet and leg alignment, and core movement with a whole body Pilates workout a few times a week.

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