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As kids, we all have big dreams of how we want our life to go. But then, as we progress through life,we realise it’s not always that simple.

Responsibilities, chores, obligations, stress, fear, exhaustion, and so much more can get in the way of us feeling our best and living the life we want. Life coaching with White Tiger Wellness can help you:

Build Confidence

Reduce Stress

Achieve Goals

Create Healthy Habits

Overcome Obstacles

Find Clarity

What’s holding you back?

Our resident life coach, Peta, of White Tiger Wellness, helps you figure out what you want your life to look like and what’s holding you back in a series of 55-minute sessions. For some, this could be a lack of direction, and for others low self-confidence gets in their way.

With life coaching at Village Pilates, Peta can help you uncover roadblocks to your dream life and create a step by step plan to help achieve your goals. This could be as simple as spending more time with your kids or as big as a complete career change or major life upheaval.

See how Peta has
transformed lives

Every time I complete a session at Village Pilates I walk away with a spring in my step and feeling fantastic!

Stephen Reid

"Very professional staff, really enjoy my three hours a week, a fun time. My body is in much better shape and I feel I understand it a lot better I feel much healthier and in control of what I'm doing, hope to be enjoying Pilates for many many years to come."


I’ve been a customer involved with village pilates for about 7 years. Myself and my 2 daughters have had many years of wonderful fun classes especially our Barre classes.

Mandy Gillespie

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