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September 7, 2022

Pairing Pilates with Sports for Peak Performance

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The whole body functional training that Pilates’ offers makes it a wonderful tool for enhancing an injury recovery program. Prevention is always better than a cure, and Pilates can help with that also.

Cross-training with Pilates helps prevent injuries and improve your overall performance if you play tennis, hockey or football, run, cycle, swim or weight lift.

Core strength

Pilates core activation strengthens and stabilises the hips, spine and torso and gets into the deeper abdominal stabiliser muscles. 

Core strength helps us to minimise lower back pain and the chance of injuries. It supports the body to balance better and produce more power even while in motion (leaning forward on a bike, swinging a tennis racket or kicking a ball on the run).

Balance and alignment

Pilates is the ideal remedy in all sports, particularly tennis, golf and cycling, where imbalances cause poor posture and injuries by overworking the dominant side or only the upper or lower area. Pilates counters this through:

  • emphasis on hip and spine extension and coordination

  • moving in all planes and directions

  • strengthening underused muscles.

Flexibility and agility

Greater flexibility translates to increased agility, meaning our range of motion and ability to pivot easily without causing discomfort or injury. Pilates’ emphasis on centering during movement accesses the deeper muscle groups responsible for stabilising the body so larger movements can happen with ease.

Breathe better

Pilates breath focus gets us breathing with depth and intention. Over time it improves our cardiovascular capacity. We can then breathe better under pressure (physical and emotional), have the stamina to go further and feel less tired after doing so.

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Pilates is the perfect cross-training partner

Regardless of your fitness goals, adding Pilates a couple of times a week creates a well-balanced workout to assist the body’s natural movement and promote faster recovery.

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