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December 4, 2022

The Best Time for YOU to Exercise

There are scientific studies and much advice on when is the best time of day to exercise. The short answer is whenever you can. Fitness should be enjoyable, so ask yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve?

  • How do I feel after exercise? 

  • What are my energy levels like throughout the day?

  • How does my body want to move today?

Start with Sleep

Getting adequate sleep ensures you have the energy to exercise in the first place. Combined with consistency, the predictability of exercising at the same time each day regulates your circadian rhythms.

Being organised helps too. Set yourself up for success:

  • Pack your gear the night before

  • Allow enough time and not be rushing

  • Eat beforehand or prepare a post workout meal and;

  • Do exercise you enjoy.

Early Birds

Morning suits many because there’s less chance of getting distracted or delayed. Morning workouts, especially on an empty stomach, are said to be better for fat loss thanks to hormone profiles giving metabolism a boost. 

Not a morning person? Don’t sweat it.

Lunchtime or afternoon sessions are fantastic. Later exercise can circuit-break afternoon slumps and burn calories consumed so far. Evening exercise is excellent, too, if it’s not intense or too close to bedtime.

Young kids, commuting, shift work, varied routines? Splice it into achievable chunks, like a lunchtime walk then half an hour of evening Pilates.

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Help from Science

Valuable tools like the PH360 Shae app uses multiple scientific approaches, including epigenetics, to help people understand and work with their unique body profile, environment and lifestyle factors to provide customised advice to optimise workouts and well-being.

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