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August 15, 2022

The Six Best Pilates Apps for Mind-Body Wellness

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While we love seeing you in class regularly, we understand that life happens, and you can’t always get there. 

Using a Pilates app complements an in-studio practice by empowering you to maintain consistency when you can’t make a class and practice more often. 

Apps are an affordable way for Pilates lovers to balance class and membership costs with their budget if they want to practice daily.

You can also pause for a bathroom break and not miss anything!

What to look for in a Pilates app.

The choice of fitness apps has grown significantly over the past few years for obvious reasons, and Pilates is no exception. 

When choosing a Pilates app, check that the instructors are qualified and experienced. The app should also:

  • be affordable

  • host a range of classes to suit all levels 

  • have new classes added regularly to keep you challenged and motivated

  • provide an online community for support and accountability.

A quality Pilates app will have a user-friendly interface that can easily filter and select classes by duration, intensity, goal or target area.

Ideally, it should offer an online option so you can use a larger screen (and put your phone away to avoid distractions). Think of those online yoga classes you see popping up, they offer a website version of their app for people who prefer to use their computer, or even navigate to it on a smart TV. 

Our Top Six Pilates Apps 2022

Pilates works best with a holistic outlook, and many platforms offer support through nutrition, life coaching and educational tools.

We think these six apps rock for all the above reasons we’ve discussed (in no particular order)

Feeling good starts now. Discover these Pilates apps for yourself, read the reviews and take advantage of free trial offers. 

Virtual isn’t your ‘thing’? Head to our website to check out our weekly timetable and book your spot in our next class!

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