Sat 26th Aug | 10-11:30 am
Price: Free

Unlock your true potential and achieve outstanding results without exhausting yourself.

Discover the key principles that drive sustainable success and gain practical techniques to enhance productivity, focus, and resilience. In today's fast-paced world, it's common to push ourselves to the limit, often at the expense of our well-being.

However, what if we told you that there's a way to be your absolute best without exhausting yourself?

Join us at this workshop to:

✔️ Learn powerful techniques to regulate your breath, reduce stress, and promote a calm and focused state of mind.
✔️ Discover how specific breathing exercises can boost your energy levels, enhance oxygen flow, and promote overall well-being, improve your concentration, mental clarity, and cognitive performance.
✔️ Gain valuable knowledge about the habits and behaviours that contribute to both success and happiness in various areas of life.
✔️ Learn actionable techniques to implement performance habits into your own life, leading to personal and professional growth.
✔️ Gain a deeper understanding of the principles, techniques, and modifications in Pilates, allowing you to optimise your sessions and achieve better results.
✔️ Apply the high-performance hacks to various areas of your life, such as work, sports, academics, or personal goals, to achieve exceptional results.

About your hosts:

Lisa Simpkinson, our founder, is the first pilates instructor in the world to train in the US methodology of a `whole woman approach’ – a unique way of approaching pilates that is focused on restoring a woman’s body to its natural youthful posture. With 19 years of experience, she is passionate about helping women reach their full potential and rediscover joy, peace and freedom of movement. She believes pilates is a powerful tool for returning the body, mind and spirit to their natural state of balance and vitality.

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