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October 10, 2022

Transforming Teenagers with Pilates

Pilates for Teens

Developing good habits starts early! The formative teenage years for boys and girls mark another peak time in neurological development as they approach adulthood. Here’s how Pilates can help bring out the best in teens.

Counterbalancing tech-time

Our tech-driven, more sedentary lifestyles have significantly contributed to increased obesity, poor posture and physical ailments in children and adolescents. Pilates can provide the perfect antidote for teens prone to hours of couch slouching with a device in hand and desk-bound gaming.

For the non-competitive or body-conscious types

Physical activity and sport participation should be individualised and appropriate to a teen’s developmental stage, interests, and abilities. Pilates studios are (ideally) an encouraging, judgement-free space making it a fantastic option for those who aren’t drawn to performative dance classes or structured team sports.

Let’s get physical

The physical benefits of regular Pilates are the same as for adults which are all vital aspects of optimal health. While many factors influence how adolescents experience sports and physical activities, the benefits of exercise for adolescent growth and development are widely acknowledged. 

Transcending the physical

The Pilates Method offers social and emotional advantages that can be particularly supportive during the complicated and confusing adolescent years. Understanding the mind-body connection and utilising correct breathing can increase self-esteem and confidence, help teens manage stress, and improve their focus.

Founder and Director Lisa Simpkinson advocates for the mental value Pilates can offer, “it’s a beautiful way to cultivate body confidence and acceptance, which everyone should experience”.

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Injury prevention for sporty teens

Pilates can help also reduce injuries and improve overall performance across other sports and physical disciplines. 

Know a teen who you think would love Pilates if they tried? Reach out! We have a special student pack just for them.

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