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January 18, 2022

Why You Should Try Reformer Pilates

Instructor helping a woman on the reformer during a Pilates class

If you’re like most people, a stronger core and increased flexibility is probably something you could do with! One of the best types of exercise to achieve this is Reformer Pilates. You may have heard about Pilates, but are you familiar with Reformer Pilates specifically? Here’s why you should try reformer Pilates, along with how they differ from mat Pilates.

What is Reformer Pilates?

The Pilates Reformer Bed was first designed by its namesake, Joseph Pilates, who lived in a World War I internment camp while helping to rehabilitate injured soldiers who couldn’t walk. The modern Pilates Reformer consists of a narrow bed that has a sliding carriage, besides straps and pulleys that can be either less or more resistant by removing or adding springs.

Unlike mat Pilates, which uses your body weight for exercises, reformer Pilates increases or decreases resistance to a Pilates exercise by using springs. These additional springs are designed to strengthen larger muscle groups. Lower springs are used for challenging the stabilising muscles.

What are the benefits of Reformer Pilates?

Some of the many benefits include:

1. Versatility

One of the many reasons why reformer Pilates is so popular is because it’s extremely versatile. You can vary the intensity of the workout, depending on the user. Hence, the equipment is adaptable so that a wider range of people with various abilities can benefit from the exercises.

2. Safe and effective for rehab patients

People with injuries or with a limited range of movement can safely do these exercises. This makes them ideal for rehab purposes as it lets users exercise horizontally so that they don’t have to bear weight on the legs. For example, people with scoliosis may not be able to do mat Pilates, but they can safely and effectively increase their range of motion with reformer Pilates.

2. Quicker visible results 

Reformer Pilates can give you a workout that provides more endurance and challenges your strength more than what you can get from mat Pilates. Thus, you can see results sooner. It’s also great for people with limited mobility, the reformer can assist you into positions that may be too challenging on the mat. Wake up muscles you never knew you had!

3. Provides workouts in various body positions

Another perk of reformer Pilates is that you’re able to do exercises in more than one body position. For example, these exercises can be done on your side, back or stomach either standing or seated. You can be positioned on the reformer bed for your exercises, or you could try the floor space next to the machine.

4. Suitable for any age

People from all walks of life can do reformer Pilates, whether they’re young or old. This is because these exercises are able to work the specific needs of your body. For older people, reformer Pilates is an excellent way to improve posture, strengthen your core and make you more flexible as well as help endurance and balance.

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Is Reformer Pilates Suitable For You?

  • Reformer Pilates can be individual or group-based and can involve props as well.  

  • Both types of Reformer Pilates can be helpful for any level of skill. They both show you techniques on how to properly strengthen the body core so that you can improve your daily activities and be more physically active.

  • Reformer Pilates is more suited than mat Pilates for people with chronic imbalances or injuries.

  • Although many people think that reformer Pilates is harder to do than mat Pilates, the opposite is actually true.

  • What’s important is that you regularly practise the basic principles of Pilates, such as breathing, centering control, concentration, flow and precision. As with all disciplines, enjoy regular sessions to get the most out of your workouts.

At Village Pilates, we offer classes in both reformer and mat Pilates. In fact, those workouts can actually complement each other. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what the rage is all about.

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