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June 28, 2022

Why Are Reformer Studios So Popular at the Moment

Instructor helping a woman on the reformer during a Pilates class

Reformer Pilates is back! At least, that is what the word in popular culture is right now. While it might be the latest fad according to Insta, for us here at Village Pilates, it never went out of style

Countless celebrities over the years have credited their lean and toned physiques to a regular mat Pilates practice. Now, scroll through any celeb social media or fashion and beauty site and it’s a question of who isn’t doing Reformer Pilates and boasting about the benefits. 

Do More With a Reformer

Joseph Pilates passed away in 1967 but his versatile platform and pulley apparatus system used in this body conditioning practice has stood the test of time. What looks like a moving bed with adjustable springs and ropes, the Reformer can feel intimidating until you get the hang of it. Our trained and qualified instructors will guide you every step of the way and let them know if you ever aren’t sure.

Compared to mat Pilates, you are working against more than your body weight on a Reformer, which allows you to switch up your resistance as your strength improves or take it down a notch if you are tired or injured. 

There are many good reasons why physiotherapists recommend Reformer Pilates as part of a rehabilitation program.

“Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit.” ~ Joseph Pilates

The Shift in Fitness Attitudes

Celebrity promotion is no doubt a factor in the Reformer Pilates uprising; however attitudes about many things shifted in the pandemic era, including those towards exercise and fitness. Pre-March 2020, high-intensity cardio training was hot with F45 and Crossfit gaining cult followings. Push past your comfort zone was the mantra!

After ongoing lockdowns, isolation, loss of a loved one and/or income, Zoom fatigue – the list goes on – people were burned out and started saying no to the grind. Reformer Pilates has become the choice for many who have reprioritised their lives, fitness and wellbeing to favour the less is more philosophy. 

Resistance is Futile!

HIIT and weight training have definite benefits however fitness devotees are understanding how mixing up those workouts with Reformer Pilates can boost results as an active recovery in between. The resistance mechanics of Reformer Pilates is an intense yet low impact way to build and maintain strength. You will shake and sweat, minus wanting to collapse on the floor afterwards.

Those who play professional or amateur sports, run, cycle or weight train are encouraged to stretch after, or even better – incorporate a muscle conditioning practice like Reformer Pilates as part of their fitness program. 

Take time out to give those muscles a stretch and have a good breath.

Gyms Aren’t For Everyone

When gyms were closed for so long, gym members had the chance to reassess their fitness options and goals and when things reopened, were inspired to try something new like their local Reformer Pilates studio.

Reformer Pilates offers the challenge of a workout without lifting a single weight or feeling like you’re in a nightclub. You will certainly feel like you’ve done so much more for your body and mind than if you walked on the treadmill for an hour.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.” ~ Joseph Pilates

Book Your Pilates Class

Variety + Fun

At Village Pilates, we have a spacious studio, with multiple rooms and class options led by our qualified teachers.  

The Village Pilates team takes a personalised approach, making adjustments based on individual needs and abilities. Barre, mat and of course Reformer, choose a class that suits you on any given day. 

Village Pilates has payment and class pack options to suit your budget and desired commitment. Find out why so many people from all walks of life love Reformer Pilates.

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